Team tackle Tough Mudder

October 7, 2019

Challenging ourselves, the team and being in difficult environments are all part of a days work for the team at Harwood. But last week we pushed ourselves even harder by taking place in the classic tough mudder.

Eight of our bravest team members gathered at the 10 mile course just outside of Horsham, ready and willing get wet, cold, tired and of course, covered in mud.

With a total of 27 obstacles to tackle, our intrepid band of brothers had to work together to climb over, under and crawl through all sorts of challenges. From ice cold water to suffering electric shocks, the team completed the course in four hours to claim a well deserved pint.

Although a great bit of fun and a physical challenge, taking part in an event such as tough mudder highlights our staffs ambition, never quit attitude and the ability of each and everyone of us to work together to achieve a common goal.

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