Project Reincarnation

January 19, 2016

Project reincarnation

Harwood Building Control Approved Inspectors have embarked on a project to build a GKD Legend sports car for the Harwood team to use and for entertaining our customers and clients.

Martin Robinson our Chairman donated his BMW 5 Series to the project and on Saturday 13th December 2014 the BMW was taken to Aeon Sports Cars at Marden to be dismantled. The engine, gearbox and other salvageable parts will be transferred to the new GKD Legend.

The BMW 525iSE heads off to be dismantled

The BMW E39 5 Series was purchased from new in 2000 and had covered some 158,000 miles, a much loved car, still in great condition and working order but sadly of little monetary value. It would have been nice to retain but better the engine and gearbox and other parts have a new lease of life in a project car. Harwood are working on the project with Peter Lathrope Managing, Director, GKD Sports Cars Ltd and Keith Wood of Aeon Sportscars Ltd.

The GKD Legend is the first specialist sports car company to successfully utilise the mechanicals from the award winning BMW engines, this means that both the LEGEND and the EVOLUTION can be built anywhere in the world without the problem of sourcing suitable donor parts. The concept and design brief for these models was to ensure that as many parts as possible from the a BMW could be utilised to enable the build of affordable, quality, and high performance sports cars without compromising GKD’s race proven independent suspension geometry developed from over 50 years of motorsport.

2.5L Straight 6 Engine Mounted

The build is progressing well and the chassis is built and the engine mounted.

What will it look like when completed? well see below and we will be incorporating a Martini livery on the car.

We will keep you updated on the progress. The story continues…

Well the wait is nearly over after extensive testing the Harwood GKD Legend is nearly here, the IVA Test is booked for the 9th February 2016 and it will soon hit the road.