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From farm to frame: Harwood’s essential role in Kent housing project.


Behind every development stands a team of experts working together to deliver a successful project which adheres to regulations, achieves quality standards, with the security of the right insurance in place.

In the heart of Kent, five detached, bespoke dwellings at Great Bossingham Farm have recently benefited from this cohesive teamwork: Harwood’s expertise in regulatory compliance and assurance, together with bespoke insurance solutions specialists London Belgravia Group. A new chapter began for this greenfield site in March 2022, and since then, Harwood and the team at London Belgravia Group have helped to drive the project towards completion.

Three of the plots have already seen the successful completion of their distinctive dwellings. With the remaining two plots expected to be completed within two months, our role in ensuring this project is compliant with the law has been essential.

Building it right

Despite the intricacy required to achieve compliance within a natural setting, traditional foundations were used for the development, leading to structurally sound, stable housing but without the need for additional ground engineering works.

The construction techniques used in this development were a blend of tried-and-tested methods with a contemporary approach. All units feature timber-framed construction with brick enclosures and some areas of Siberian Larch and Thermopine cladding.

Not only does this method mean these homes are sympathetic to their surroundings, but it also assures structural stability and resilience. With Harwood’s expert oversight in ensuring adherence to building regulations, these homes stand as proud examples of what can be achieved when expertise, innovation, and compliance come together.

One of the key attributes of the construction process was the incorporation of advanced insulation.

ACTIS insulation, a super quilt-like material, was used in conjunction with hybris in the stud walls. This type of insulation goes beyond just keeping the cold out. It results in a more energy-efficient dwelling and a warmer living environment.

Proactive in safety and sustainability

Ensuring a safe living environment was one of Harwood’s primary focuses during the development process. We were on hand to advise on any fire safety issues, such as the need to fireproof the undercroft on the car port that joins two of the plots, and the fire breaks needed between the areas of cladding.

In line with ever-evolving building regulations and keeping an eye on market trends, an air source heat pump was included in the development, alongside green roofing on the flat roofs of the three bungalows. These sustainable aspects contribute to a reduction in pollution, as well as providing a cost-effective heating solution that reduces energy costs for the residents.

As the focus on sustainability and energy efficiency within construction rightly increases, Harwood’s compliance work on the Great Bossingham Farm development ensured the project stayed abreast of the current market trends. Prospective buyers’ growing awareness and preference for energy-efficient and sustainable features have been well catered to in this project.

Concrete cover

Ever ready to collaborate, the team at Harwood played a pivotal part in ensuring that the new development had the correct structural warranty insurance in place. Having referred many projects to bespoke insurance solutions specialists London Belgravia Group in the past, we put the developer, Tom Glinn from Barwick Properties, in touch with their team.

Normally a development would require both a warranty auditor and a building control assessor to inspect the site at similar points, but with different areas of focus. However, working with London Belgravia Group meant that our team’s site inspections and reports could be used by the warranty auditor, resulting in significant savings and greater efficiency for Barwick Properties.

The result? The development at Great Bossingham Farm has been underwritten by Build-Zone, through an agreement with AXA, providing excellent Latent Defect Insurance and peace of mind for the developer and forthcoming residents.

“Quality, safety, sustainability”

Ben Cheeseman, Commercial Director at Harwood, says:

“We’re very happy to have worked on such a unique project, which expertly balances traditional and modern construction techniques while ensuring regulatory compliance. It’s been a rewarding journey.

“Harwood looks forward to seeing the completed project in the very near future and we’ll continue to champion quality, safety, and sustainability in future projects. This development stands as a testament to the efficiencies that we can achieve for clients through our specialist network, and it’s always a pleasure to work with the teams at London Belgravia Group and Build-Zone.”

Commenting on working with Harwood, Tom from Barwick Properties says:

“Darryl (Meredith, Harwood Project Manager) has been my main point of contact for all the projects I’ve worked on with Harwood. He’s a great help and always at the end of the phone for any queries.

“The good relationship that Harwood has with London Belgravia Group and Build-Zone saved a lot of time and meant less meetings for me! They will definitely be part of the team for the projects I have in the pipeline.”



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