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I’m talking about money money: Behind the H

June 21, 2019

I'm talking about money money: Behind the H

Running a successful business with a host of happy clients, well executed projects and strong professional views is all well and good. However without someone keeping an eye on cashflow, it can all unravel pretty quickly.

Making sure suppliers are paid, invoices are sent and staff get their wages sits with Abby and the finance team.

Today, Behind the H meets the Abby, the person behind the bills;

Abby, why don’t you start by telling us your role at Harwood?

“So I’m the Financial Controller at Harwoods and alongside Sam, we ensure all the Ts are crossed and i’s are dotted when it comes to the accounts. We reconcile our monthly incomings and outgoings, make sure payroll gets actioned and of course, we have to send the invoices out to clients. Sorry guys!”


What’s your journey been to this point?

“I actually went straight into helping with finance departments straight from school. I finished my A-levels and joined an accounts team at a chartered surveyors. It was there that I started to study for my AAT and really get started with my finance career. I made the jump to Harwoods whilst studying around 5 years ago and it was great. Back then it was a small company just starting out and there was only five of us in the entire business! I’ve been with the team ever since and watched it grow and grow.”


As you’ve been with Harwood for a while, what do you think has changed?

“ It’s changed in so many ways over the last few years but it’s also stayed the same. Despite growing very quickly over the last ⅔ years it still very much has a family feel. I think alot of that is down to everyone working in so closely with each other in the Canterbury office but even for people who work in London and our other offices, we all try to get together for team days out to keep the connections alive. It’s just a friendly environment where you feel part of the journey rather than just a number.