Harwood provide winter warmth

January 29, 2020

Harwood Team in Beanies:

Harwood provide winter warmth

It’s cold, wet and windy this time of year, particularly on site. That is why this year, Harwood have provided some winter warmth.

Darryl and Ben handed out some brand new beanie hats, with our recognised H on the front, to Wilmot Dixon and Redkey Concept teams working out in the elements.

Ben and Jayden visited the Wilmot Dixon team on their site at the Kent & Medway medical school. The new facility will be jointly run by the University of Kent and Canterbury Christ Church University and offer around 100 places per year to budding medical professionals.

On the other side of Kent, Darryl handed out Harwood hats to the RedKey team in Dover. Our “winter collection” helped keep heads warm as winds swept in off the channel.

Do you want to own a Harwood hat?

Contact the team about working with us and get a chance to sport your very own beanie!