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Darryl Joins Chartered Building Engineer Family

February 18, 2020

Darryl has achieved chartered status :

Darryl Joins Chartered family

Last year, we spoke with Darryl who had rejoined Harwood after some time away from the business. He told us about the aspirations he held and a little about how Harwood would be supporting his career progression. Primarily how he wanted to become a chartered building engineer.

So, we decided to catch up with him 12 months later to see just what has been going on and what, if anything, has changed for Darryl.


“Darryl, it doesn’t feel like 12 months since we sat in this very room and discussed your future and being back with Harwood. How have you been?”

Time flies, it certainly doesn’t feel like it’s been a year! It has been a rather busy one for me as it happens. I’ve spent most of the year studying, preparing and thankfully, obtaining my Chartered Building Engineer status!
“Wow, so you’ve been kept busy. What has getting chartered involved?”


I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t pretty full on! There are lots of different elements that lead to becoming chartered. You get involved in the larger, commercial projects and the senior team here were great at getting me to shadow them. It was invaluable to get an understanding of the commercial volumes and guidance that needs to exist on the really big projects.


“So you’ve been on some large projects this year, is this the only part of getting Chartered?”

I wish! Getting experience on the bigger projects allows you to complete the necessary academic work that goes alongside the process. You have to complete a 4500 word report to add to your overall portfolio to highlight your competency as a building engineer. Once you’ve submitted your portfolio, you go through a one hour interview in front of a 3 person panel, consisting of a senior architect a building controller and a structural engineer. They scrutinise your work and then discuss whether you should obtain your chartered status as you wait! Pretty nerve wracking stuff!


“Thankfully you got through the process, what has gaining your chartered status meant to you?”

For me it is the increase in confidence. Being recognised by your peer group and being able to share that with the wider world makes a massive difference to me professionally. Now I can look ahead to 2020 and using my chartered status as a springboard, starting to work on some of the bigger commercial projects.

I have a particular interest in working to support the NHS on renovating existing hospital spaces. It’s fascinating due to the fact that they occupy existing buildings. It is hugely rewarding as you can look back and see that you’ve done something worthwhile by making the spaces safer. 

Darryl is just one of several Chartered surveyors we have at Harwood. Contact us to find out how Darryl and the team can help you with your project!