Behind the H

Behind the H: Second time’s a charm

February 19, 2019


In the second of our behind the H series of interviews with the team at Harwood, we sit and chat with Darryl. It is apt that Daryl is the subject of our second interview as this is actually the second time that Darryl has worked here at Harwood.

“Darryl , this isn’t the first time you’ve been with Harwood is it?”

“ No you’re right, this is my second time being part of the Harwood team. During my first stint here I spent a great two years with the company but wanted to experience something a little different so I made the transition to managing a site to widen my experience.”

So having been away and come back, you are in a unique position to see what’s different?

“Absolutely, a lot changes in just under six months, especially at a company like Harwood where we are always evolving and growing. The most obvious visual change is the new office. Having moved into a large, single occupancy city centre site has been great. Everyone’s together and that means you don’t have to go very far to ask a question or confirm something with a colleague. Away from the office space it’s great to see that we have added more people to the team and are working on some really varied projects. ”

Given you’ve been around building control for a number of years, what is it you think makes Harwood different?

“There’s a fair few things that make us different. If you are looking at how we approach a project, it’s the way in which we interact with a job from the start. Every project has its own merits and must be treated as such. The reality is that building isn’t an exact science and that means we have to be flexible, working with people to get the best outcome for them. 

What is it about Harwood that makes it a place that you want to work?

“There a huge number of reasons that make Harwood somewhere I want to be. It’s a great cultural fit for me. Everyone has the same goal and we really do work as a team, working together to get a job done. It’s so nice to have everyone on the same page. I guess on a personal level it boils down to two main factors; you are trusted and invested in by the management and they are flexible, understanding that striking a good work life balance is really important. I’m given time in the office to keep up to date with the latest developments in the industry and attend training to make sure I give the best service. I’m also able to drop my daughter off at school and enjoy spending quality time with the family and colleagues outside of work. Being free to improve professionally and enjoy a strong feeling of togetherness with the team is a huge bonus, you spend a good chunk of your life at work so being able to feel supported and enjoy the company of those you work with is so so important.”

Darryl will be working from our new office in central Canterbury. To contact him or any of the team, head over to or call 01227 931777.