Construction & Landscaping

Construction & Landscaping


We strive to create landscapes and outdoor spaces that offer the client a layered experience – areas with emotional depth grown from the ideas behind their design. We are always looking to forge connections between the available space and people, bringing a technical approach whilst understanding the site and the client. Creating a colligation of the simple, the complex, the contemporary and the old whilst at times being bold then at others treading very carefully.

We are mindful that a garden is sometimes for family and friends but then should offer a space to seek solace, be emotive or generate ideas. It shouldn’t have that one core theme and offer nowhere else to go, we manage that by the way the hard landscaping, planting and the general form work together.

We have a unique ability to be able to take a client’s brief and vision onto another level, because as creatives we see things in day to day life, that, with our own unique spin “fit” into the design and in turn give the client an ‘over delivery’ on their expectations.

From the small courtyard to a wide open space we have the experience and skill to deliver R.H.S medal winning quality from the outset, working across the south of England and if need be overseas.

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We strive to create landscapes and outdoor spaces that offer the client a layered experience – areas with emotional depth grown from the ideas behind their design.

Stuart Wilson

The Process:

The Brief

This is where we prepare a complete breakdown of what has been discussed in our initial meeting. Your expectations in terms of features, planting, colours and surfaces you are looking to bring into your garden. Included in the document will be the full breakdown of the fees.


This will be taken on by ourselves or a third party professional surveyor. This is an existing map of the site including levels and services. We also take a comprehensive photographic map of the site as this helps in the next design stage.


This is a series of mock ups and drawings that give the client a real feel of what is planned along with an accompanying mood board. This helps the design process move on towards a final scheme. It is the first real vision of how the site will look when the build has finished.

Master Plan

This is the most detailed stage of the process, the entire site mapped out to scale, with any revisions from the concept drawings. The detail involved in this drawing allows the build to be correctly priced and the whole project to be built exactly as designed.

Planting Plan

The icing on the cake so to speak, this plan shows the size, location and quantity of every species. This is an area where the client may or may not want to be closely involved, we do actively encourage some input and discuss this with our client during the design stage.

Tender Process

The level of detail and specification placed into the design/tender document allows us to invite a select list of contractors who will quote for the project in a way that is clear and concise with no surprises. We then check each tender to see if the details are all correct and nothing has been missed, we then sit down with the client to discuss each company before making an appointment that works for all parties.

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